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Jojar S Dhinsa - Chairman & CEO Athlone Group




Jojar S Dhinsa

Chairman and CEO of Athlone Group


"My Dharma (duty) is to work, so that I can give."

Jojar S. Dhinsa was born in Coventry, England

International business financier, advisor to the corporate top-flight, Jojar Dhinsa first came into the public eye in 2002 when his keen eye for spotting good business ideas led to him setting up his private equity fund, ATHLONE GROUP. Having forged business links with the Middle East Royal Family is now a $5.5 billion corporation with expanding operations including; executive search, financial, business and media services these are expected to double within the next 3 years.

Jojar is now expanding his business exponentially on a global scale with key Government and Royal connections.

Jojar started business life doing his local paper round and quickly progressed to his first venture - a lawnmower parts business that earned him his first £1,000 profit. It was his move into exporting goods however that allowed Jojar to capitalise on and further develop his natural talent for driving a good business deal. Before reaching 17 Jojar had made his first million and had begun building a reputation and business network that later would lead to the successful foundation of the Athlone Group. Jojar is the founder and majority shareholder of the world's first online video CV company, and a worldwide martial arts social network. Click to see an interview about www.ubudo.com with 5 times Jujitsu World Champion, Roger Gracie.

After conquering the business world, becoming a father has completed Jojar's life that now revolves around his daughter.

Business Man of the Year

Jojar ’s success goes beyond his undisputed business empire. His natural charisma and charm have made him an increasingly recognised figure, both in the media (Jojar regularly features in the broadsheets and on television; SKY News, BBC Money Programme, BBC Five Live - and he has also been filmed for a Discovery Channel business programme) and at business award ceremonies. His growing list of accolades include:

  • Eastern Eye New Comer of the Year 2004
  • Nominated BT Business Man of the Year Award 2005
  • Nominated Lloyds TSB Asian Jewel Award 2006.
  • Nominated WSS award 2007
  • Debretts People of Today
  • Nominated at the Sikh Awards 2010

What next?

Athlone’s goals are to expand further into Libya, Brazil, Russia, India and China economy. (Currently, Russia accounts for 90% of the group’s international revenues). Athlone is focusing its efforts on Humanitarian projects and also intends to continue its programme of investment in oil and gas, seeing rising demand for energy services worldwide as an important cornerstone of the group’s future profits.

On a personal level, Jojar wishes to expand his charitable work. He is on the council of the UK-based Children in Crisis charity founded by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York to aid "forgotten children" living in crisis-torn countries. Jojar has donated over $3.5m to worthy causes across Europe and Asia. Jojar is a keen supporter of the Elephant Family run by Mark Shand

His favourite quote is “Chance favours the prepared mind"

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