Athlone Group

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The Athlone Group (AG), incorporating 18 companies and having forged business links is now a $5.5 billion corporation. Athlone Group redirects 90% of all profits back into humanitarian and charitable projects around the world.

Established in March 2000 the Athlone Group builds, markets and delivers a high value portfolio of measurable services focusing on oil, gas, IT and real estate industries that positively impact a client’s ability to achieve corporate objectives.

Athlone Ventures has been specifically set up within the last 5 years to meet the growing demand for Russian Gasoil products of our clients worldwide. Athlone Ventures has formed partnerships with experts in the field of production to facilitate this demand. more.

All companies face a mix of challenges and obstacles and don’t always have the resource or the skill set in place, educated and motivated to successfully address them. Markets become increasingly competitive while the people, processes and infrastructure often struggle to meet yesterday’s challenges leaving management teams with an additional layer of complexity and burnt resource that inevitably drives down productivity and operational efficiency.

Athlone engagements are driven by results rather by political, social or environmental factors leaving the management team free to focus on corporate and personal core competencies.

Jojar S Dhinsa, CEO Athlone Group pictured with H.R.H. The Prince of Wales.

Jojar S Dhinsa, CEO Athlone Group pictured at the Eastern Eye Awards 2004 with Myleen Class and Rajan Singh, EVP for Sony Entertainment.

Childrens Charity Event

Jojar S Dhinsa, CEO Athlone Group pictured at a children's charity event with The Duchess of York.